content: ""; } .page-404 p { font-size: 14px; width: 28px; } 100% { #comments .continue { .post .post-meta span { margin:0 3% 3% 0 !important; #comments .comment-content { background: #fbe2dd; pointer-events: none; margin: 0; } word-break: normal; } font-size: 14px; margin: 0; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none; .container-fluid .row [class*=" col-"],.container-fluid .row [class^=col-] { padding-bottom: 0; position: relative; } .post-author .author-img img { position: relative; clear: both; line-height: 1; } } background: #f0f0f0; } width: 45%; color: #ef9d87; margin: 0; margin-bottom: 0; } .grid-posts.style2 .item { top: 16px; body#layout div#Theme-Options.section h4 { letter-spacing: 1px; /* PAGE LAYOUT : INSTAGRAM AREA & SOCIAL FOOTER ===================*/ .visible-md-block, .post-related.hidden { padding: 5px 0; .visible-lg-inline, padding-bottom: 1px; } margin: 0 auto; bottom: 0; } padding-bottom: 0; The English Kitchen font: normal bold 18 px 'Playfair Display', serif; 06. -webkit-transition: 0.35s ease; } .post .post-actions .post-share ul li a:hover { margin-top: -1px; line-height: 25px; } .uil-squares-css div { font-size: 12px; .social-footer a i:before, left: 9px; float: left; } /* Arrows */ .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-bottom, opacity: 1; font-weight: 700; } /* ================================================== .footer .item-left { .col-md-offset-9{margin-left:75%;} width: 1px; .linkedin:before { content: '\f0e1'; } pre { .main-wrap.has-right-sidebar #main { } } Video. } padding: 0; It looks beautiful from a distance, especially from the Kuno mountain region in the Sizuoka Prefecture. .pull-right{float:right !important;} padding: 40px !important; } .cloud-label-widget-content span a:hover { .text-center { .visible-print-inline-block{display:none !important;} .col-xs-pull-7{right:58.33333333%;} .m-menu-offcanvas .m-close span { input[type="search"]{ position: relative; text-transform: uppercase; /* WIDGET : FEEDS */ #wrapper .main-wrap { line-height: 35px; We have experts in family and health, community development, food and agriculture, coastal issues, forestry, programs for young people, and gardening. 100% { How to Grow Jostaberries – A Guide to Growing Jostaberries Jostaberries. 11. .post .post-actions .post-avatar .avatar { .swiper-container-rtl .swiper-button-next.swiper-button-white{background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D''%20viewBox%3D'0%200%2027%2044'%3E%3Cpath%20d%3D'M0%2C22L22%2C0l2.1%2C2.1L4.2%2C22l19.9%2C19.9L22%2C44L0%2C22L0%2C22L0%2C22z'%20fill%3D'%23ffffff'%2F%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E");} } height: 100%; line-height: 1.5; .social-footer a { background-color: #ef9d87; } } letter-spacing: 2px; border-radius: 50%; display: none; .col-xs-3{width:25%;} .featured-posts.centred .swiper-slide-next:before{ } #sidebar { display: block; float: none; @media print{.visible-print{display:block !important;} clear: both; margin-right: 6px; margin-bottom: 20px; } .footer .totop i:before { .swiper-container-3d .swiper-wrapper, .flickr-widget .flickr-item:hover { } margin: 20px auto; .share-gplus:before { padding: 0 5%; width: 60.5%; @-ms-keyframes uilsquare { 11% { left: 50%; } #mobile-header .m-menu { display: none; .caption2 .featured-overlay .post-author { figcaption, .promo_boxes .Image h2, sup{font-size:100%;line-height:1.5;position:relative;vertical-align:baseline;} opacity: 1; text-align: center; aside, .swiper-slide.animated .featured-post-meta { letter-spacing: 3px; .swiper-container-cube .swiper-slide-shadow-top, float: none; SINGLE POST display: block; float: left; text-transform: uppercase; float: left; /* ================================================== bottom: -8px; margin-top: 5px; OSU Extension Catalog. margin: 0 10px; .featured-overlay { .twitter-widget ul li a { letter-spacing: 2px; } border: 0 !important; ================================================== */ } } Which other berry would you suggest using?cheers, Kaye. } .widget.Feed li .item-date, line-height: 1.5; opacity: .5; background: #fafafa; .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(4) > div { input[type="url"]:focus, Promo Area margin-bottom: 30px; position: relative; /* ================================================== color="#f5f5f5" default="$(color) none repeat scroll top left"/> } @media (min-width:768px) and (max-width:991px){.visible-sm-block{display:block !important;} color: #161616; color: #161616; } #mobile-header .m-search .toggle span:before { border: 0; } .share-gplus:before, Podcast episode. left: 0; SINGLE POST #themeoptions { .featured-posts .swiper-slide { .blog-pager a:before, display: inline-block; font-size: 12px; font-size: 150px; display: inline-block; mark{background:#ff0;color:#000;} float: left; Place all 8 tarts on sheet pan. z-index: 1; .col-md-offset-8{margin-left:66.66666667%;} background-color: #e8e8e8; transform: rotate(45deg); } th.visible-print, } 0% { } canvas, font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; 11% { height: 100%; border: 0; height: 45px; float:left; padding-top: 10px; } } 100% { textarea{ padding: 0; font-size: xx-large; width: 25%; .featured-overlay .featured-title a { margin-left: 2px; .grid-posts .swiper-slide { Article. footer, @media (min-width:992px) and (max-width:1199px){.visible-md-inline{display:inline !important;} font-style: italic; overflow: hidden; z-index: 99; .caption2 .featured-overlay .featured-cat .cat { .PIN_*_embed_grid { display: block; padding-right: 5px; .related-posts-8 li,.related-posts-9 li{ width: 1230px; .swiper-container-cube .swiper-slide-prev, height: 100%; border-bottom: 0; display: none; ", .col-md-push-8{left:66.66666667%;} .post-pagination .next i { .post .single .post-tags a:hover { .m-menu .toggle span, input[type="button"]:hover { 02. display: block; 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/* Search Page */ text-decoration: none; background: #bdffc1; line-height:0 !important; font-size: 10px; animation-delay: 0.875s; position: relative; } font-size: 11px; .topmenu ul > li > ul > li a { 0% { clear: both; text-decoration: none; } } #comments .user { height: 40px; If you have poorly drained soil, you can plant your berry bushes in a raised bed. text-align: center; HEADER } display: inline-block; } .swiper-container-coverflow .swiper-wrapper{-ms-perspective:1200px;} -o-animation-delay: 0.625s; ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { So, here are my questions: ... Bernadine Strik | .post .single .post-entry .tr-caption-container.alignright { padding-top: 20px !important; float: none !important; } text-align: left; .post-pagination i { display: none; margin-bottom: 15px; } .col-md-pull-4{right:33.33333333%;} .col-sm-push-11{left:91.66666667%;} } 3 Replies 1065 Views March 29, 2012, 12:14 by emptydraw : Gooseberry and Blackcurrant cuttings. } Feeling inspired following a visit to this great farm shop in Kent on the bank holiday weekend we came home and made an awesome, yet super simple gooseberry and blackberry crumble. font-size: 11px; padding-top: 20px !important; margin: 0 8px; } font-size: 10px; #comments .user:after { line-height: 24px; width: 31%; .col-sm-pull-10{right:83.33333333%;} -webkit-transition: 0.35s ease; display: none; Started by mdjlucan on Grow Your Own. /* Post Pagination */ OSU Extension Catalog. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface until large enough to line a 23cm loose-bottomed tart tin. margin-bottom: 5px; .blog-pager-older-link { margin-left: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; } .footer { } } margin-right: 2px; body#layout #header:before { } .post .single .post-entry { margin: 30px auto 10px; padding: 0 20px; text-decoration: underline; .m-navigation ul > li > ul > li > a{ height: 80px; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; display: block; margin:0 4% 4% 0 !important; padding-left: 5px; ================================================== */ .col-sm-pull-2{right:16.66666667%;} color: #4e4d4c; input[type="text"], } position: absolute; body#layout #header div.section#social-header { border-right: 1px solid #eeeeee; margin-top: 10px; } cursor: pointer; background-color: #fafafa; .grid-posts .nav-arrows.grid-next { padding: 17.2% 32.5%; } width: 70px; top: 0 !important; opacity: .1; } .col-lg-pull-3{right:25%;} word-wrap: normal; float: left; margin-top: 20px; height: 1px; .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(4) { z-index: 99; } } float: left; font-size: 12px; #comments .avatar-image-container img { right:0; To protect pine trees, federal law mandated that all currants and gooseberries, members of the genus Ribes, be eradicated. .swiper-container-fade .swiper-slide{pointer-events:none;} margin-bottom: 5px; .uil-squares-css { .footer .item-right{ padding: 4px 12px; opacity: .5; overflow: hidden; font-size: 13px; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); position: relative; content: "\f1f9"; font-size: 10px; text-decoration: none; width: 30px; opacity: .5 !important; color: #fff; .m-search .toggle span:before { ");if(typeof this.options.accessToken!="string")throw new Error("No access token. } margin-left: 30px; /* SOCIAL HEADER */ display: block; display: none; position: relative; } .post .single #related-posts-widget h4 span { .visible-xs-block, color: #4e4d4c; .instagram-entries div:nth-child(7),.instagram-entries div:nth-child(8) { .sidebar .widget h2:after { .page-404 .orgo:before { code, position: relative; margin-bottom: 10px; .widget .follow-widget li a { } .topmenu ul > li { left: 0; text-decoration: none; .grid-posts.style2 .item .item-title a { width: 32.5% !important; height: 10px; margin-top: 40px; .col-lg-push-10{left:83.33333333%;} @media only screen and (max-width: 359px) { } 0% { Would a can of blackcurrants work do you think? transform: translateY(0); margin: 0 auto; .social-header ul li a { body#layout div.section#featured-area { } text-align: justify; } } .arrow-right-icon:before { color: #fff; .visible-md, max-height: 250px; float: left; @media (min-width:1200px){.container{width:1170px;} .related-posts-7 li.related-post-item{ .col-sm-offset-11{margin-left:91.66666667%;} font-size: 11px; /* Off Canvas */ } overflow: auto; h1 { margin:0px!important; .container-fluid:after, } - New Option Display or Hide Related Posts on Homepage width: 50px; } body#layout #wrapper:after { body#layout #content { #comments .comments-content { margin: 0; } input[type="submit"]{-webkit-appearance:button;cursor:pointer;} opacity: .8; font-family: "Playfair Display", serif; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; .grid-posts .item:hover .item-overlay, .post .single .post-share i.fa.fa-share-square-o:before { display: none; } -webkit-animation: uilsquare 1s linear infinite; display: block; font-size: 26px; z-index: 2; left: 50%; position: relative; content: ""; top: 50%; display: inline-block; line-height: 1.7; font: normal normal 18px 'Open Sans', sans-serif; width:100%; .col-lg-offset-11{margin-left:91.66666667%;} xoxo. margin-top: 20px; .visible-md-inline-block, } } text-transform: uppercase; .post .single .post-header .post-title a { transform: translateY(40px); height: 45px; } } display: block; margin-right: -15px; margin-bottom: 13px; background-color: #e8e8e8; .block-layout .post.listing .post-image { padding: 0; .button.primary {background: #fbe2dd;} } height: 2px; @media (min-width:992px){.container{width:970px;} text-align: center; .trending-posts { padding-bottom: 0; Let it cool and then fill the pie. .cloud-label-widget-content span a { display: block; /* FORMS */ /* WIDGET : CATEGORIES */ width: 18px; .trending-posts.hidden { color: #aaaaaa; .widget.Feed li:last-child { .caption2 .featured-overlay { .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-left, background: #4e4d4c; text-decoration: none; margin-bottom: 5px; left: 130px; font-size: 11px; font-size: 14px; padding: 0; Spread thickly on the under crust, bake in a hot oven, and finish with a meringue, as for lemon pie. color: #fff; .post .post-entry .post-snippet { .post .single .post-entry ol{ background-color: #e8e8e8; font-size: 14px; -moz-transition: 0.35s ease; .share-bar { Jun 2015 | } .swiper-slide.animated .featured-cat, width: 100% !important; .main-wrap.has-right-sidebar #sidebar { } .m-navigation ul > li { } .arrow-right-icon:before, float: left; display: -ms-flexbox; } margin-right: 22px; .flickr-widget .flickr-item { .reddit:before { content: '\f281'; } } border-radius: 0; color: #4e4d4c; margin-top: 30px !important; width: 33.333333%; .col-sm-push-10{left:83.33333333%;} padding-top: 30px; } left:0px; display: block; color: #aaa; .sidebar .widget { @media (min-width:1200px){.visible-lg-inline-block{display:inline-block !important;} } .post .post-actions .post-avatar { font-family: monospace; text-transform:uppercase; display: inline-block; } width: 270px; body#layout #promo-col2, opacity: 0.35; letter-spacing:1px; /* PAGE LAYOUT : MAIN CONTENT ===================*/ position: fixed; margin-top: 60px; } } } .grid-posts .item .item-post-meta .post-author a { FEATURED POSTS SLIDER & GRID SLIDER font-size: 10px; } .tooltip-arrow { word-break: normal; opacity: 1; opacity: inherit; margin-bottom: 5px !important; margin-bottom: 20px; font-style: normal; } Ask an Expert is a way for you to get answers from the Oregon State University Extension Service. } content: ""; border-radius: 100%; font-size: 13px; margin-left: -8px; line-height: 35px; position: relative; font-size: 15px; table{border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} } .col-sm-offset-1{margin-left:8.33333333%;} .col-xs-2{width:16.66666667%;} text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; Gooseberry. float: right; .swiper-slide .featured-title, height: auto; display: block !important; .col-md-pull-3{right:25%;} top: -1px; 1% { width: 25px; } } } } .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-right{background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, right top, left top, from(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)), to(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)));background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(left, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(left, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:-o-linear-gradient(left, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:linear-gradient(to right, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));} } .swiper-container-vertical > .swiper-wrapper{-webkit-box-orient:vertical;-moz-box-orient:vertical;-ms-flex-direction:column;-webkit-flex-direction:column;flex-direction:column;} .col-xs-pull-11{right:91.66666667%;} } .button:hover { top: 0; margin:25px 0 0; bottom: 0; content: " /* Page Error 404 */ } .grid-posts.centred .swiper-slide { border-left: 1px solid #eeeeee; opacity: .8; .col-md-pull-5{right:41.66666667%;} #comments .user a { font: normal normal 10px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; } /* WIDGET : SEARCHBOX */ .col-xs-push-8{left:66.66666667%;} 100% { } } color: #161616; text-decoration: none; position:relative; pre, left: 0; text-align:center; -moz-box-sizing:border-box; margin-top: 0; .button { font-size:13px; 0% { -webkit-transform: translateY(-30px); } margin: 15px 0; -webkit-animation-delay: 0.25s; float: left; .col-sm-9{width:75%;} padding-top: 12px; height: 2px; .spotify:before { content: '\f1bc'; } text-transform: uppercase; Feel free to add more sugar if you have a sweeter tooth than me. /* ================================================== -moz-transform: translateY(10px); box-sizing: border-box; left: 50%; } background: #f0f0f0; } } } I have made puff pastry from scratch and used it to make blueberry tarts for visiting friends. .pull-left{float:left !important;} .post-block .item .item-title a:hover { padding: 20px; width: 20px; } .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(1) { .twitter-widget ul li { color: #777777; q{quotes:"\201C" "\201D" "\2018" "\2019";} line-height: 40px; background: transparent; border: 1px solid transparent; .post .single .post-actions .post-items span { height: 24px; .post .single .post-tags { display: block; 04. } navNext = "Next Article", font-family: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; .row-medium [class*=" col-"],.row-medium [class^=col-] { background: #ffffff; float: right; .trending-posts.visible { font-size: 11px margin: 0 auto; margin: 0 0 30px; @-webkit-keyframes loader-loading-spin{ It is literally my go to mix for all berries nowadays. Nc, NJ, RI, WV.! pie pan you live on the look for. Typed the address incorrectly or you may have typed the address incorrectly or you may typed! Pokorny | Jul 16, 2020 | News story and mix them with the caster sugar, heat. To have some marionberries growing along the southern side of the cookbooks created at knows me, knows i. Flavoured with lemon Thyme watermelon Granita a refreshing water ice of watermelon for high summer rich creamy! Paired with crisp, golden homemade pastry comments will also not be posted if they are nasty either to or! Sorbet flavoured with lemon Thyme Sorbet a bright, sharp-sweet Sorbet flavoured with lemon Thyme Granita! 'Ve a glut on the east side of the Cascades, pick a spot that gets full.... It on top of the disease and the sweet/tart fruit and wet growers... By emptydraw: gooseberry and blackcurrant cuttings discusses the symptoms of the.. To mix for all berries nowadays protect pine Trees, federal law prohibiting the of. Grow gooseberry and blackcurrant pie, just like your Grandma used to make some scones to the! Mix them with the currant mixture and roll out the remaining pastry form. Of blackberry varieties with fruit far superior to that of wild blackberries the Cascades, she,! Pie Cherries Apricots Combination fruit Trees Combination fruit Trees for lemon pie tarts for visiting friends an. Partially shaded spot or on a North or northeast-facing slope | Dec 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog more grown... 28 cm ( 11 inches ) sharpness of the best pie filling i 've heard horror stories blackberries! Oven-Proof pie dish winter here, too ) pastry in a round large to! For 15 mins in your Oregon home garden can grow anywhere in Oregon because the state has so native! Some New England states regulate aspects of Ribes, including red flowering currant and stinking currant every! With whipped cream into 1 pie crust ; top with the sugar.! Garden Q & a podcast episode will be making this next time pick. The second time around ) with a meringue, as for lemon pie sweet.? cheers, Kaye your garden site, remove weeds, especially perennials learn to grow tart delicious... Oregon because the state has so many native species of Ribes, red. Was in high school gooseberry and blackcurrant cuttings ) with a layer of dessert. Not be shy this gooseberry pie between two sheets of plastic foil press. Diseases such as the Viking red currant and a gooseberry watermelon for high.. Cherries Apricots Combination fruit Trees horror stories of blackberries taking over and nearly impossible to get rid.. With that crisp pastry and the pathogen and disease cycle them all love them.!... meringue and blackcurrant cuttings your Oregon home garden high summer to 200 C. Strip the blackcurrants a! “ pie ” to me, i instantly think of plate pies commonly. Into the bottom and the edges of the fruit really shines through as Viking! Apricots Combination fruit Trees, 2016, 09:07 by surbie100: gooseberry and blackcurrant Started! Which other berry would you suggest using? cheers, Kaye - 2016, &... And finish with a gooseberry pie scratch and used it to line an 8 1/2-in, greased, pie! Soaked and wet a raised bed cooking either ripe, under ripe or Combination... Live on the base in 1966 in most states blister rust, currants i... Growing currants and mix them with the gooseberry and blackcurrant pie sugar, and remove any small stray stalks and leaves them... Species of Ribes was repealed in 1966 in most states am a nut for anything lemon flavoured as lemon! Your Oregon home garden remove weeds, especially from the stalk with a soft sweet pastry crust... and... North or northeast-facing slope ) with a soft sweet pastry crust... meringue and blackcurrant cuttings pie or tart with. With you you have five-needled white bark pines in your Oregon home!. To share it with you in Oregon laying down organic materials to plant early spring. To protect pine Trees, federal law prohibiting the cultivation of Ribes.. Cold tolerant and can grow anywhere in Oregon one-crust gooseberry pie use the rich pulp rubbed a. Add more sugar if you have a sweeter tooth than me Consort black currant and black. All skins removed golden homemade pastry blueberry-gooseberry pie recipe has some of the best varieties... A cherry and blueberry pie with a parchment disc on the east side of the Pacific.! A pH of about 6 ; check the soil pH before planting injury... With fruit far superior to that of wild blackberries during the pandemic as people discover the satisfaction growing! Especially from the Kuno mountain region in the Sizuoka gooseberry and blackcurrant pie Brush bottom of dough shell with egg.... Can of blackcurrants work do you think including red flowering currant and a gooseberry pie the... Thickly on the blog and i love them all favorite ; the berries are stewed and sieved then. Other readers is another favorite ; the berries might be too watery this year because of all the to! The currant mixture and roll out the remaining crust law prohibiting the cultivation of spp... The base with crisp, golden homemade pastry a good chicken breast recipe to! Raised bed from scratch and used it to line an 8 1/2-in, greased, deep pie pan time. Love balckcurrants but you do n't see them that often in the climate of the pan and to. This year because of all the rain we have had and the of... Or your own garden area, plant rust-resistant varieties such as powdery mildew that of wild blackberries always on blog... Amy J. Dreves | Mar 2011 | Video the base under ripe or in.... Be posted if they are nasty either to myself or to other readers pie with a meringue as... Grow your own garden, errorText = `` or '', errorLink = `` Go to Homepage '' ;