Previously, we had been breeding Rottweilers, but found ourselves looking for  a more diverse breed. Redmond is very protective of the farm, house, yard, and surrounding acreage. favorite this post Dec 16 American Bulldog 3 weeks old puppies $1,200 (Homestead fl) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I miss your smile.". As the Johnson Bulldog breed slowly became established, Alan Scott joined Johnson to further revive the breed. We take great pride and are very dedicated to our American Bulldogs. It is more than likely accomplished by breeding the male Boston Terrier with the female Bulldog via IVF. Share Did You Know? Pictures don't do him justice! In 1970, Alan Scott and John D. Johnson first registered the American Pit Bulldog with the NKC, and later renamed it the American Bulldog to avoid confusion with the American Pit Bull Terrier. At CenterBull we breed show quality American Bulldogs. Our dogs are NKC and UKC registered. Usually, this is a dark brown to brown. With His American Bulldog 1947 Robert Policastro And His AB 2003 Our Cousin, Steve Reynolds Talks About His American Bulldog, "BJ" 1975 "He was the kindest, toughest, gentlest, strongest dog I ever saw. Seeder helped me to heal, taught me to love again, brought out the best in me, and gave me a goal. Warrior American Bulldogs was announced as the 2014 ABRA Kennel of the Year and is the home of Dailey's Sparta who is the 2013 #1 and 2014 #2 top dog of the Year as well as DC's Camo Tank who was the 2013 #2 top dog of the year! ©2017 Second Wind Farm. Having been known to catch and seize lions, bear, wild cats, wolves, wild boar, horses, mules and of course cattle thus, the name BULLDOG. Previously, we had been breeding Rottweilers, but found ourselves looking for a more diverse breed. Seeder was my very first male American Bulldog. We are thrilled to have him begin siring in the Fall of 2017 and anxiously awaiting his (no doubt) colorful offspring ! We breed for: Solid Temperament; Healthy dogs with Good Conformation We are aiming to produce excellent family companions, dogs that are loyal, obedient and very affectionate with their family. Like all dogs, the Scott American Bulldog requires training while still young. Lem is a great Breeder and guy to talk too. My good friends, Oley and Dianne, outside of Kansas City, have generously volunteered to allow Gus to sire several litters. WRAB is dedicated to raising Bulldogs with power, size and agility! He is the smallest male in the litter but has a lot of spunk. Your female should be spayed at abut 1 - 1 1/2 years old. We look at each bulldog’s pedigree and its ancestors’ health history. Our kennel has produced family companions, show champions, and working/farm utility dogs. This devotion is a movement towards progressively improving the health of our American Bulldogs from one generation to the next. We are located in Western New York, just south of Lake Ontario. Most of the breed sport a soft coat and feature markings ranging from red, brindle, black, tan, or brown. Secondwind Heavens Nevaeh. Check out some of the dogs and puppies we've produced over the years. … We have 9 full-blooded American Bulldog puppies available! warrior american bulldogs!! Puppies available in February 2020. This beautiful red brindle female is a product of mama Spitfire and daddy Redmond, born Jan 28, 2014 and currently weighing 98 pounds. After work dogs lost their use around the farms and other breeds started being used for guarding properties, American bulldogs fell out of use. Terms and Conditions. He was around for 15 years or more, and though he has been gone for many years, he left a big hole down on the farm." Scott/Johnson bred, They will come up to date with shots, a health certificate, and National Kennel Club registration. I commented, "I am a FOOL for a puppy !!!! From the perspective of a professional breeder of American Bulldogs, Gypsy and Cisco are undiluted, uncorrupted genetic material carefully saved, maintained and continuously refined and perfected from the earliest days of Alan Scott's development of the Scott Type American Bulldog. My first American Bulldog puppy Diesel died last November at 11 years old, best dogs ever.Thank you! If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from us, would like to come and see our dogs in person, or have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us. That happens to be the Scott type. I believe the Bulldog that most closely resembles the Bulldogs they started with should keep the name American Bulldog. Hilliard, Florida 32046 (904)-451-1882 Cornerstone American Bulldog is a breeder dedicated to bringing the world a quality standard performance bulldog that is as close to the original American Bulldog as you can get, producing a sound dog with special attention given to disposition, alertness, drive and intelligence. He is a high-drive young man; loves to run, swim, play fetch, and be "pampered". See more ideas about american bulldog, bulldog, dogs. "Scott" American bulldogs are a branch of the American bulldog family tree. LOTS of growing yet to do...I highly suspect he will mature around 135-140 lbs. The eyes of a Scott American Bulldog is almond or round-shaped. One spring afternoon in 2005, I was visiting my neighbor who raises American Bulldogs. If you are looking for an all-round bulldog that can do it all, then you have come to the right place. Blessing. Canyon Ridge is a gorgeous reverse red brindle. By the end of World War II, John D. Johnson and his father saved the American Bulldog from near extinction by looking for ideal breeding specimens from the south. Scott Conley. Her sire is Grand Champion Hayhurst's Last Man Standing of Goody. At the forefront of our American Bulldog breeding program is a firm devotion to the health of our American Bulldog bloodlines. We found American Bulldogs, and we haven't looked back since. Later on, as American Bulldog breeding practices progressed, Alan Scott developed a breed distinct from Johnson’s, which consequently led to the develop… We got our start back in 1998 with our first American Bulldog named Daisy. favorite this post Dec 12 American bulldog Johnson Is it more like the Bulldog or the Boston Terrier? The two men who are recognized as the pioneers of bringing the breed back from possible extinction are John D. Johnson and Alan Scott. Let's preserve both types! We have been breeding, training and producing the best American Bulldogs for many years. His trademark eye patches showed up on almost all his offspring, as did his one brindle spot at the base of his tail. GUS is our latest addition male stud. Modern American Bulldogs can still be found working as all-around utility dogs, … Our Story. Take a look at our adult dogs and puppies for sale. Seeder saved my life, my sanity, and my spirit. We strive to use the best possible American Bulldogs we can find, and use Champion American Bulldog sires whenever possible, both in Conformation, as well as Obedience/Schutzhund training. Home of The Standard Working American Bulldog. $1,200. We got our start back in 1998 with our first American Bulldog named Daisy. Our American bulldog kennels are breeding suitable dogs for a modern active family and professionals in the security field. His trademark eye patches showed up on almost all his offspring, as did his one brindle spot at the base of his tail. We monitor temperament (as any good breeder should) by keeping our puppies around our other dogs, helping to keep dog … Next breeding will be in a year, while I take time to assess my recent breedings. Home of the 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018 NKC National Champions! He, and the Lord above, gave me my SECOND WIND. Dec 1, 2020 - Explore Jodi Dobos's board "American bulldogs" on Pinterest. "Within seconds, she reached into the mound of pups and handed me a beautiful male. Grow him into your dreams!! Our dogs are in homes excelling in Show, … We are Great Lakes American Bulldogs. We are located in Western New York, just south of Lake Ontario. We conduct extensive research of each American Bulldog adult that we enter into our breeding program. He is currently 120 lbs @ one year old. The Boston Terrier American Bulldog Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Bulldog and the Boston Terrier.