This product is unavailable. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Sclera Lenses; Sharingan; DAILIES; GLOW LENSES; SALE; Wholesale store; Account SHOP FOR COLOUR & COSTUME CONTACT LENSES. Red contact lenses is also a very popular choice for the vampire or scary look. Home Halloween New Crazy Zombie Blind Whiteout Vampire Devil Full Eye Sclera Mini Sclera Sharingan Colour Blue Gray Brown Green Black White Red Yellow Purple Brands … Halloween Sclera Zombie Prescription Wild Eye Blue Contacts Sharingan Login Login Close. Sclera contacts. 17MM Mini Sclera Black - (Blind Lens with No Pupil Cut Out). Power: Zero power lenses (Plano), Cosmetic use only 4 Items . TTDeye Sharingan Magatama First Stage Colored Contact Lenses. ... Sharingan Byakugan SCLERA 22mm (HOT) Regular Price: $195.99 . Sharingan Contact Lenses. 0.00 . … Australia’s top coloured contact lenses. Dream. Tracking. CERTIFICATION Links. Close cart. I found many distributors offering nearly if not these exact same contacts ranging … Information. Buy 2 for $26.99 each. Cancel Hot Sale. Contact form . Add to Cart. Fully Activated Uchiha Contacts $ 29.99 $ 27.99. Want cosplay contact lenses to look envy? Sclera Contact Lenses have been exquisitely designed to make your upcoming Halloween party exceptionally entertaining and unique. The itachi mangekyou sharingan contact lenses feature a full red eye with a black bladed design. Free shipping and available on prescription and non-prescription. $75.95 $199.95. Prescription Typ... All Sharingan Contacts. Buy Halloween Contacts, Zombie Contacts, Sclera 22mm Contacts, Vampire Contacts, Costume Contacts Online, Free Shipping & Free Return! Kakashi Coloured Contact Lenses . Looking to add some sparkle to your look? There are different types of these sharingan contacts. Choose from Mangekyou, Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke Uchiha, Eternal Madara, Shisui, and more... Sasuke Mangekyou. Not only do they cover the whole eye but also give anyone who wears them a stunning and amazing look. Sharingan Rinnegan Purple Sclera 22MM Contacts . Add to Cart. QTY (1 for 2 pieces) Add to Cart . … I want to send a question. Site navigation. Bring out your inner ninja this Halloween season with the best selling Sharingan Naruto Sasuke Uchiha contact lenses. Show. Not in US warehouse Free Standard Shipping, Cheap Tracked Shipping. Sale! ... 2 pairs of lenses randomly 14.5mm/17mm plano contacts ColourVUE is Australia’s favourite colour contacts retailer, thanks to their dynamic designs, excellent quality and more colours and styles you’ve ever dreamt of. Mangekyo Sharingan Sclera 22mm Cosplay Contact Lenses. In Stock. CERTIFICATION SHARINGAN MANGEKYOU- UCHIHA ITACHI Costume Contacts, Sharingan Rinnegan Purple Mini Sclera 17MM Contacts (New), Sharingan Rinnegan Purple Sclera 22MM Contacts, SHARINGAN MANGEKYOU - Kakashi Costume Contacts, SHARINGAN - NARUTO Sasuke HEXAGRAM Costume Contacts, Customized Rx Sharingan NARUTO THREE MAGATAMA (With Prescription), Sharingan - NARUTO 3 Magatama Contact Lens, SHARINGAN - NARUTO & UCHIHA SHISUI Costume Contacts, SHARINGAN-NARUTO & UCHIHA ITACHI Contact Lenses, Sharingan MANGEKYOU - MADARA UCHIHA Contacts, Sharingan BYAKUGAN Naruto Contact Lenses (New), Sharingan Three Magatama Sclera 22mm Lenses(new), SHARINGAN-UCHIHA IZUNA Naruto Contact Lenses. $75.95 $199.95. Discounted prices and highest quality. TTDeye Sharingan Magatama First Stage Colored Contact Lenses $25.90 $36.99. TTDeye Sharingan Itachi Colored Contact Lenses $27.70 $36.99. Shipping. In Stock. $85.95 Images / 1 / 2 / 3. Add to cart. Get a mesmerizing effect with our red sharingan magatama naruto lenses. Home; COSTUME CONTACTS; STYLE; Sharingan; Sharingan. Static pages. Power. Fresh. $ 33.99 From: $ 26.99. Lens Case - With Cleaning Function $2.90 USD (15) ... Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleane... $9.90 USD (12) Show All Here at UNIQSO we have over 2000+ types of colored contact lenses that will help you instantly achieve a new look and complement your make-up. Full Eye Black Sclera Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give the impression of imposing a single, solid black color over your eyes, pupil, iris and all. Buy 2 for $26.99 each. Buy Sharingan Contacts, Kakashi Contacts, Naruto Contacts online. We offer a wide range of Sclera Contact Lenses at competitive prices for those crazy about Halloween. When it comes to a good choice, most of us would go for the full eye rinnegan contact lenses. Add to Cart. Angelens provide high quality Sharingan Contact lenses, Kakashi, SHARINGAN - NARUTO & UCHIHA SHISUI, SHARINGAN - NARUTO LEVEL THREE CONTACT LENSES, SHARINGAN RINNEGAN SCLERA 22MM CONTACT LENSES. Subcategories. By wearing these contacts, you can easily play a role as him and show you are a big fan of Naruto anime. Red Black Ghoul Sclera 22mm Contacts. $229.00. With a … Virtual Mirror. As … Skip to content . Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts … Description: Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts $ 29.99 $ 27.99. Sell by PAIR $195.00. SHARINGAN KAKASHI SCLERA 22MM CONTACT LENSES. Home; HOT SALES; Daily Contact Lenses; Cosplay Mini Sclera Lenses Sclera Lenses Prescription; Log in Cart. Get the full blackout or whiteout look that you’re looking for – full coverage and high quality. Water content:45... LIMITED TIME COUPON Get 20% Off Coupon Code "ZombieQ"  FREE SHIPPING (Not in US warehouse)Free Shipping On All Orders Sale! View as Grid List. they are unlike any other contact lenses. Halloween Sclera Zombie Prescription Wild Eye Blue Contacts Sharingan Get 20% Off Code "ZombieQ" View cart. Sale! Set Ascending Direction. Halloween 22mm Sclera Series Red Sclera/Black Sclera/White Sclera/Yellow Sclera/Uchiha Sharingan/Patient Zero/Jigsaw Black&Red/Rinnegan Naruto Colossus/Bloodshot Infected Zombie/Bloodstained Sclera/Red Star Trails Sclera/Blue Flash Sclera/Purple Flash Sclera DA01-13 are available at Freshlady. Close menu. Add to Compare Quick view. Buy your pair of cosplay contacts online today! Mangekyo Sharingan. Sharingan Rinnegan Purple Sclera 22MM Contacts. Sort By. This became popular when people saw them in movies when they were used by Hollywood and movie production studios.   Address12 Cleopatra Street, Tarneit, Vic 3029, Mangekyu Coloured Contact … Add to cart. Worldwide FREE SHIPPING OVER $29. Sclera Lenses; Sharingan; DAILIES; GLOW LENSES; SALE; Wholesale store; Account. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. These will cover the entire eye and give you the fierce battle look. The limited vision zone design make your pupil smaller to highlight your red eyes. $86.00 $109.00 You Save 21% ($23.00) Color. There are 11 products. Special Price $79.95 . $69.95 Sale SHARINGAN KAKASHI SCLERA 22MM CONTACT LENSES $229.00 $69.95 Brand Cosmo. Your Currency: Let's find some amazing halloween contacts! Rinnegan Sclera Contacts. Add to Wishlist. These lenses are suitable for anime cosplay such as Rinnegan. Collections. [US warehouse]Freshgoeye Sharingan Halloween&Cosplay Colored Contact Lenses-White Sasuke Regular price $39.00 Sale price $19.99 Sale Home HOT SALES Daily Contact Lenses Cosplay Mini Sclera Lenses Sclera … Naruto Magekyu Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (1 pair) $ 39.95 . CHRISTMAS SALE | 55% OFF . Step 2: Secure The Contact Because a sclera lens is bigger than the normal lens, place the sclera lens on two figures for better stability. Base Curve:8.6 mm per page. Buy best Sclera Contacts, white black red Sclera Email us. Specification Diameter 22mm Water Content 38% Base Curve 11mm Replacement Period Within 6 months What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case Processing Time 2-3 working days Details:• Brand: Freshtone• 1 Pair of Contact Lenses.• Wear for maximum of 8 hours• KFDA Approved – ISO 13485 Certified• Free Contact Lens Case with Six Monthly and Yearly Lens.• Manufactured... You've just added this product to the cart: Start typing to see products you are looking for. One of my favorite characters next to orochimaru itachi s mangekyou enables him to use tsukuyomi and amaterasu. SCLERA PRE-ORDER PROMOTION BUY ONE GET ONE mini Sclera FREE Random Distribution Of Gifts. Description: Sell by PAIR; Power: Zero power lenses (Plano),Cosmetic use only; DIA:22 mm; Base Curve:11 mm; Water content:45%; Material: Polyhema; Manufacturing techniques:semi casting mold; Made in South … You can wholesale and bulk order the lens at a competitive price. Halloween Sclera … FREE SHIPPING & BUY 3 GET 3 FREE. FREE SHIPPINGFree Shipping On All Orders Sharingan Contact Lenses get high quality contact lenses wore by popular animated character Naruto. Fully Covering your sclera with the diameter of 22mm and smaller pupil size, the All Red Sclera Lenses are so suitable if you want a stunning look. Skip to content. Add to Cart. Awake the Ninja inside of your body, maybe you are not a muscle man, but wearing these 22mm Sclera contact, they will transfer your eyes completely in UCHIHA MADARA look, and active your “THE MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN Dojutsu “(eye techniques), you … Cheap Sharingan contacts, Free Shipping & Free Return on All Orders. Sort by: Relevance Relevance Name, A to Z Name, Z to A Price, low to high Price, high to low Showing 1-11 of 11 item(s) Active filters. Natural. Rainbow. Search. Our selection of Sharingan Contacts for sale. DIA:14.5 mm sharingan-contact-lenses Sharingan Original... $29.00 Price. Add to cart. MORE. Sort by: Number of products on page: Number of products: 12. Surprise everyone by wearing our beautiful bewitching prescription & plano contact … Buy sclera crazy contact lenses for halloween online, costume contact lenses, theatrical contact lenses, zombie contacts, Free shipping & Free Return! Sharingan Contact Lenses. The Rinnegan lenses emanate a water ripple pattern from the center, which is very cool.   Sale Red Black Ghoul Sclera 22mm Contacts $195.00 $85.95 Brand … Menu. Choose from Mangekyou, Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke Uchiha, Eternal Madara, Shisui, and more. No prescription needed. Dip some contacts eyedrops into the cup size of the sclera lens for better moisturizing your eyes after the sclera is on. Colored Contact … No More Product To Show. For the zombie look, standard size white contacts and black contacts would work very well. Cosplay. The full eye lenses are also known as sclera contact lenses. Party. Naruto Madara Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (1 pair) $ 39.95 . Enlarge . Material: HEMAPower: 0.00Base Curve: 9mmThickness: 0.08mmDiameter: 22mmWater Content: 38% ~ 40%Replacement Cycle: YearlyPacking Specification: 1 Pair, packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline Madara Uchiha is a popular character in Naruto. Wherecolour cosplay contact lenses are the best. More Details → Sale. Step 3: Put on the Sclera