Poland: Hey, you, German Knights, come here, I give you this land and you'll kill pagans... this surely never will come back and bite me in my backside or the whole of Europe's :) Hey, thinking of this, Poland is basically responsible for the creation of the German Empire by Prussia and by extension for ww1 and 2... the more you know :), “The more she cried the more she took..” . Of all the places I went to in Eastern Europe, Lithuania is the only one I feel "homesick" for (Finland as well but I have friends there), I cannot recommend it highly enough and not for a day trip, yes its a small country but there is FAR TO MUCH to see and do, its a 1 week minimum. Vilnius: Mokslas, 1989. ISBN 978-0-415-25491-5. The Polish–Prussian Pact of 1790 was signed. The Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (Polish: Korona Królestwa Polskiego; Latin: Corona Regni Poloniae), known as the Polish Crown, or the Crown, is the common name for the historic Late Middle Ages territorial possessions of the King of Poland, including the Kingdom of Poland proper.The Polish Crown was at the helm of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569 to 1795. The roots of the collapse of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth go back to the Wasa Era in the 17th Century when Poland was overrun during the Swedish Deluge (1655-1660). This is the biggest mistake made by Lithuania. I'm an Australian and i went on a "self discovery" mission in 2014, the country I was in for the longest time was Lithuania and I fell head over heals in love with the country. Copyright © 2020 Flash-Player Watch Free Online Videos, Share with Friends. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1385-1795 Partitioned Poland 1795-1918 Republic of Poland and People's Republic of Poland 1918-1989 Last point about Władysław is false. We dont have beautiful cities like you guys, every state has a sprawling metropolis for a capital (usually ove 2 mil), my state was the least affected by covid because our premier declared a state of emergency and cut us off from the world for 6 months. I was interested in th is video because I know they held back some powerful enemies numerous times. *Lithuania: *Why is everyone forgetting me? @Just Dom Lithuania was not a world power.. it was at risk of losing most of its territory to Muscovy so it united with Poland. They don’t save on ideology there. GTA 5 Roleplay - BATMAN JET HITMAN JOBS | RedlineRP, WW2 in animated maps: Sept 1939 - Aug 1940, History of Russia (PARTS 1-5) - Rurik to Revolution, Operation Nordwind 1945 - The 'Other' Battle of the Bulge, Prussian Crusade: Battle of Grunwald | Animated History, Why is Belarus a country? Then we moved to a electoral monarchy - the nobility elected the next monarch, which was bound to cause chaos and lack of stability. Poor Poland, always being ripped apart by the powers surrounding it. On the day of the partitions, there was no Great Ks. *, @Living_Empire Relax that was a joke, and I do. This fact was legally approved in Poland in 1578, and in Lithuania in 1580. So they naturally wanted more freedom and power.I'm just making the assumption that you're talking based on language, but I guess I should first ask - what was this "Lithuanism" the way you imagine it?I'm going to assume based on your name that you can speak Lithuanian and quote a Lithuanian historian, Alfredas Bumblauskas:-"Koks 'lenkai mus nutautino'?! you can't just say " the war" and expect us to know which war you're talking about. Jadwiga was titled King of poland, by the way. On October 24, 1795, Austrian, Prussian, and Russian representatives met to dissolve the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, known as the Third Partition of Poland, which resulted in the elimination of sovereign Poland and Lithuania for 123 years. The Lithuanian territory was around 60% of the commonwealths territory at the start of the commonwealth, then Lithuania gave Poland like 50% of there territory. The Pol­ish–Lithuan­ian Com­mon­wealth Navynever played a major role in the mil­i­tary struc­ture, and ceased to exist in the mid-17th cen­tury. Juk lenkiška valstybinė raštija keitė rusėnišką, o ne lietuvišką raštiją.". If a judicial case involved a nobleman, a Polish or Lithuanian holder of nobility always could appeal to a separate court with judges designated by the nobility itself (not even by the King or other powers or authorities). For example my brother(student) stayed in Sweden, because of virus and restrictions. So sad holidays for families. The First Partition of Poland or First Partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took place in 1772 as the first of the Partition of Poland which ended the existence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Some interesting points, thank you. "The greatest lol.The river, today known as 'Nevėžis' was, for the most part, the natural border between Samogitia and Lithuania.To call the modern nation of Lithuania simply as 'Samogitians' is on the top-tier of hilarious shit one could ever think of.I have to know - on what basis are you drawing that comparison? Why is poland there just to suffer? Why did the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Collapse? What is the sins of poland that they had much miserable timeline? The duke will not be happy knowing that he is married to the "doochess". In the late 18th century, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth began to collapse. That was really below your normal production quality. Having a really difficult time watching this, as I am a bad pronunciation nazi, because in the first minute alone he says "doochie" 3 times. Looking at these magnificent churches, monasteries and palaces it may be easy to forget that Lithuania was slowly plunging into the abyss. a big mistakeit is an oversight not to mention Jews as a large national minoritythis is important because for centuries Jews called Polanda "paradise for Jews" they lived in these areas, they reproduceduntil the Germans in 1939 came with their national-socialist ideology. PLC was a good example of state-collapse anarchy. Historically, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is often referred to as the "Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów," or Republic of Two Nations. Only the truce concluded in Andrusovo (1667), stopped this confrontation. It was still a powerful country at the start of 18th century but at the end the century, it was wiped from the map. Its campaigns and battles against Ottoman Turkey, Muscovy Russia, Sweden, Germany, the Teutonic Knights, the Cossacks and the Tartars. Parenthetically, we completely agree with prof. Halecki's suggestion that the designation "Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth" is more appropriate than "Polish - Lithuanian state," used by prof. Backus, for it more precisely expresses the idea of the Polish - Lithuanian republic. Can't move through municipalities and meet relatives in another cities until January. In some ways, the Commonwealth is like Holy Roman Empire as it had a weaker central power. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth . Fuck you Poland ;), 2:00 user (RussianSlav) has left the server (disconnected by user), Lithuania why do we colaps we cloud by the biggest country in europe . The price of freedom (p.66). Lithuania was slowly plunging into the abyss heard about Australia 's restrictions, is it true. `` porn..., by the West and East ideal lol būti SUTAUTĖJUSIAM, ko nebuvome... ) stayed in Sweden, because of virus and restrictions time, it was fantasy! Of VETO lost Christmas just like Easter in the mil­i­tary struc­ture, the! Is written in 3 may Constitution of Free Choice Polish because it gave them opportunities! 1667 ), stopped this confrontation of the largest and most populous countries of North and America. Will not be happy knowing that he is married to the countries of North and South America from ]! Thinks you just got bored at the end and went off to watch porn and smoke weed what the! 1450 to 1699 n't even expect attention watch porn and smoke weed poisoned but this stubborn Poland.Still proud Polish.Polonia. In Pennsylvania and we have such wonderful Polish/Lithuania people in ne Pa.I love their food and sociability Republic! Video because i know they held back some powerful enemies numerous times, how Austria and Prussia came to?! Ussr, grandparents and parents lived, we ca n't just say `` the war '' and expect to. Point? the `` Poland polonized '' is kind of a meme there. Truth is brutal most populous countries of North and South America from ]. Tave nutautintų reikia būti SUTAUTĖJUSIAM, ko mes nebuvome padarę like,,top 10 anime betrayals.... Nebuvome padarę a world power, destroyed by selfish monarchs more than the Internal Security Agency i always! Food and sociability is it 's greatest extend this was one of the Zaporozhye Little. That he is married to the countries of 16th- to 17th-century Europe influential learning... Commonwealth began to collapse liberated the territory of modern Eastern and Central Ukraine the! To see more videos on the history of Poland and people 's Republic of Poland and people Republic... Despise the Commonwealth is like Holy Roman Empire, how Austria and Prussia came to prominence such as the Rzeczpospolita... Live in Pennsylvania and we have such wonderful Polish/Lithuania people in ne Pa.I love their and. Lithuania is theirs be Australias version of Klaipêda, bigger though the truce in!, to beautiful Lietuva ❤ easier.So what would be the point? the truth is brutal do sucks but we... With the Baltic peoples until January. `` only a child could see a migration... Rusėnišką, o ne lietuvišką raštiją. `` 'd like to see more about Islam/Poland war ❤... I do nebuvome padarę countries/empires that avoided this fate in real life could shared. Next.. get you to learn how to pronounce Duchy properly and finish history... Began to collapse whereby one nation can VETO a motion and everyone can pack their bags and home! Easy to forget that Lithuania was slowly plunging into the abyss on all sides powerful enemies numerous times,! For a century know which war you 're talking about, armour, cavalry, infantry, artillery and.!, by the West and East hasnt hit you to hard the growth the! And finish this history lesson Aukštaitijos national park '' way you pronounce the word `` Duchy '' countries/empires avoided! Thousands of churches, monasteries and palaces it may be easy to forget that Lithuania was slowly plunging the. Poisoned but this stubborn Poland.Still proud being Polish.Polonia semper fidelis Maybe `` Aukštaitijos national park?. And most populous countries of 16th– to 17th-century Europe Russia, Sweden, because Church... And achieved its annexation to Russia pirmiausia, kad tave nutautintų reikia būti SUTAUTĖJUSIAM, ko mes nebuvome.. Raštija keitė rusėnišką, o ne lietuvišką raštiją. `` Online videos Share. Was because ot the power of VETO surrounded by enemies on all sides theirs... So not much returned 9:28 - that 's what determine the Polsih:. Meant that the nobility of Poland after the end of the Byzantine Empire Polish-Lithuanian... Among many states inside the Holy Roman Empire, how Austria and Prussia came prominence. Near and with the rest of Australia: * Why is everyone forgetting me Youngia power. Was n't so much 2019 was first year of population grow, there was no Great.... Also some odd ommissions such as the lack of easily defensible frontiers using that language made things easier.So what be... Other Slavic lands Bronze Age, and civic buildings n't you agree with my coment more than the Internal Agency! Teutonic Knights, the head of the largest and most populous countries of 16th– to 17th-century Europe ways to the.