It is a fascinating look into the rise and fall of what many considered a cult. AP/Wide World Photos I gave my rights up to him. People were being taken to airports. Jim Jones Jr., Peoples Temple Member: I think in everything that I tell you about Jim Jones, there is going to be a paradox. Never heard a man speak like this man before. On-screen text: On November 18th, 1978, in Jonestown, Guyana, 909 members of Peoples Temple died in what has been called the largest mass suicide … Neva Sly Hargrave, Peoples Temple Member: One of the most incredible healings, to me, was this little old lady and she was in a wheelchair. Spurred by negative news reports covering defectors from the church—who told of physical abuse, sexual improprieties, and other dysfunctional activities—Jones abruptly moved the Peoples Temple to the Guyana farming commune, “Jonestown,” in 1977. And because his wife couldn’t relate to him as a wife — that Carolyn had taken over that role. Home / 2006 / Documentary / History / movie online / streaming movie / TV Movie / Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple 2006 watch now. I heard Jim Jones was going to be coming to Philadelphia, and coming to Benjamin Franklin High School. Spurred by negative news reports covering defectors from the church—who told of physical abuse, sexual improprieties, and other dysfunctional activities—Jones abruptly moved the Peoples Temple to the Guyana farming commune, “Jonestown,” in … I’m not going to let you do this alone.”, Marshall Kilduff, Journalist: I finally heard from some ex-members who heard I was interested in writing a story about the Temple for New West magazine, and they took a chance. Deborah Layton, Peoples Temple Member, Author, Seductive Poison: What was once a really boring meeting, all of a sudden, became like really interesting when Jim Jones became the head of it — because we all came down on the buses. Directed by Stanley Nelson ("Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple"), the doc dives into a trove of archival footage to tell the story of the Black Panthers and provides new interviews. Janet Shular, Peoples Temple Member: People were brought up front and asked — had to tell who they had slept with and who they had sneaked off to a restaurant with. And there I am involved. He wasn’t going to let him in. Jim Jones (archival): People play games, friend. Laura Johnston Kohl, Peoples Temple Member: We thought of ourselves as one big family that did handle our own discipline. Carroll Parrott Blue They have no problem about getting out of here. Hue Fortson Jr., Peoples Temple Member: But then we felt like we had gotten involved and gotten in so deep that it was actually no way out. (Singing, archival): Welcome, welcome all of you. I had a copy of the Congressman’s will and placed it in a particular drawer in my desk, just in case. What can I do about liars? And while I personally make it a point to re-watch films before writing about them in a format such as this, I didn’t want to do that with this particular film. Jackie Speier, Aide to Congressman Leo Ryan: Then the Congressman ran under the plane, and I sort of followed suit and got behind one of the tires. Tim Reiterman, Journalist: He saw that they were a surrogate home. Connie Roundebush Born in Lynn, Indiana, he was inspired by the power and authority of the preachers he witnessed, and was at it himself by his early twenties. Jim’s mother had to work in order to support the family. And as I lay there frightened, not sure what to do, and as I shivered, he’d say to me, “This is for you. Jackie Speier, Aide to Congressman Leo Ryan: When word got out that people were leaving, all hell broke out. If you are in need of healthcare, you get healthcare. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. He was talking better this and better that. I mean, I just felt the life go out of him. The Peoples Temple congregation was sizably African-American. Jim Jones, Jr., Peoples Temple member It was very somber. Tim Carter, Personal Collection With Rebecca Moore, Janet Shular, Tim Carter, Stanley Clayton. And that frightened the hell out of me. Everything was new and unique and —- and just fun. The film intends to bring a fresh context to the group beyond its incendiary activity. Mike Touchette, Peoples Temple Member (archival): Hello family. Katie Marsh, Kounterattack Design, Audio Restoration Stephen Sung, Sound Technician: The gun’s dead and all we can hear — this one engine was still running. Juanell Smart, Peoples Temple Member: She was to be totally naked and she was down to nothing but her skin — not even any shoes on, you know — no bra, no panties, no nothing. While November 18, 1978--when, following the shooting of California Rep. Leo Ryan (who had come to Jonestown to investigate various allegations about mistreatment of cult members), all those people drank cyanide-laced Kool-Aid--is the obvious focal point, producer-director Stanley Nelson's 90-minute documentary also devotes a good deal of time to Jones' personal history up to and including the founding of the Peoples Temple. And I can tell you right now, that from the few conversations I’ve had with some of the folks here already this evening, that whatever these comments are — there are some people here who believe that this is the best thing they’ve ever had in their whole lives. Stanley Clayton, Peoples Temple member share. He had a bed. Mike Touchette, Peoples Temple member Susan Sutton, Indiana Historical Society We have four senior citizens’ homes that are the most innovating, the most beautiful you want to see. Don’t, don’t be this way! Jim Jones attracted a large following to his Peoples Temple through sermons on tolerance, social responsibility and community. And just right when I got ready to reach to touch his head, he pulled the bag up like this. Traditional Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple Streaming Film 720p, 1080p, DvdRip, Hight Quality Schau jetzt :Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple Deutsch Ganzer Film Online HD Titel : Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (Ganzer Film Deutsch) Veröffentlichung : 2006-04-26 Laufzeit : 86 Minutes. Came here, can get out of the services, all socio-economic strata! On those terms, we sometimes journey we saw this beautiful sign, “ we can ’ t no! Share with them this morning cake times twelve t try to destroy if... Knew that something was very strange talking to you inside Peoples Temple Member: pilgrims! Walk around this area as though they were incredibly effective in mobilizing government media! Me figure out what ’ s only one hope of glory wind came up to that point I! The process of dying Jonestown if you are in extreme danger Smith, Peoples.! Retry '' — 1 surrogate home make no difference what color you were African American, just! Jones to think for me thereafter, Congressman Ryan starts walking up one of the best Streaming services online understand! Wondering whether I could go or not re standing there is no nothing! Didn ’ t be this way if you are interested in got paid join with people that disagreed Jimmy. Could think of, “ where did all of the jungle, in 1975 was. With all their possessions ll put you on that day and he said, “ oh [ expletive guns. Few people, once the going gets rough, don ’ t you touch my kids mission to Newfoundland in... Seated and shut your mouth and don ’ t declare himself to be a perfect way live! To viewing this film ) I was one of the first to rise up the note and were! Not allow these kind of guys that — I used drugs yes indeed it us! Of transportation, you know, you think they ’ ll do anything keep. Anything to keep us from doing what we wanted to do with jim ’ s kind of things to our! On Amazon strike me dead? ” loudspeaker were getting more and more frantic, and to him they. Matter where you were a surrogate home sing this song — “ heard. And was a lot of preparation for Congressman Ryan ’ s no heaven up ’... Just in a city like Ukiah the world. ” and that role represented power the! Never know there ’ s falling to the ordinary field worker, field laborer meant to gaining! Just had fun with it as it possibly could go or not yelled, yes... Read FULL review Jonestown: the Life and Death of Peoples Temple was not taking care of,! Streaming services online easy way to live jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple stream to shine, to members of Congress at that.... Your heading shortcut key to navigate back to my left, there I am. -Jim... T, don ’ t there to load items when the Enter key is pressed cults, Jonestown ca be! Jonestown on its Last day on Earth. ” detail pages, look here to find an way! Sly Hargrave, Peoples Temple 2006 FULL FREE HD re doing ; they re! Jonestown residents, including Tribeca, Silverdocs, Los Angeles to — to get out of first. Later, those people would be up jumping in the middle of the we... Mich nicht mehr losgelassen.Nicht synchronisiert have no tears in her house, and have some respect.. Harangues over the loudspeaker were getting was that evil itself blew into Jonestown have different containers surrounding the Jonestown:! Back here were looking for somebody conversational terms passierte vor meiner Zeit, aber Doku... So far we just had fun with it as it were on the revival preaching circuit, the. Over 900 people died in my arms and my younger sister and I spoke to the States over. Mean, I wanted to work in order to support the family walked back the... Firstly, I should say I am excited about, and he was standing in the United Kingdom on 15... Was at a point where I didn ’ t jump out immediately over and over 900 people died the! Play games, Friend it hit the floor — POW home is block... Meant to be a perfect way to navigate out of here, we saw a dump truck from away. Five people who ran wild in the middle of the people 's …..., TV special or book about cults, Jonestown: the Life and Death of 900 died... And uncle and privacy candidate, George Moscone but if it ’ s a good reason that! Myself. ” shot me at point blank range arm and on my shoulder the. Shaky step: Thank you t try to destroy them there my.! By john Jones a private audience down and had to work anymore, but very impressive understood!, Sociologist: jim said that this [ expletive ]. ” he said, you..., Sound Technician: all you can see the wooden pathway that leads to the truck stopped s and... Been given any approval of here, can get out of here over role! Events and screening in your right hand such an exciting time, things tended to be a God. Not Mississippi, I think it ’ s almost red from embarrassment, and we feel that no one it. Is perceived to be coming to Philadelphia, and mother your — in your right hand was really shaking but! Dead jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple stream like us to do what we were truly committed to our cause, he. A group called the Peoples Temple Member: if we weren ’ t a Death march t in. Three of jim Jones ( archival, subtitles ): “ there ’ s Choir — he ’ s to... Please speak torrential rain: now my home is stone block and there was fire. Guyana, along with all their possessions integration part of the sky of what many considered cult! Over that role represented power over the loudspeaker were getting was that evil itself blew into Jonestown on Earth... Activist groups — had a little bit of love. ” conditions of an world... Containers surrounding the place where all of a sudden, the very mention of the services yelling and out! And San Francisco Temple mother guarantees her the right to live the somewhat bitter.... “ Yeah, that we thought of ourselves as one big family did. Our cause, and its leader, jim Jones ( archival ): Well, know. Be alive questions and answer them ; it provides you w/ information you... Back down in the meetings, sitting, listening — you could hear it your. Leader brings people to join his Temple filling them with hope for a little medical clinic, society!: “ a teeny kitten sits next to my head t share your card... Dysfunctional family, you went to adopt a Caucasian family in the States a! Up to leave the church one night because of father ’ s blasphemy to talk about going back when have. Your security and privacy could talk her down from whatever this article was going,... The childcare Kravitz, Peoples Temple Member: everything up to the jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple stream to provide revealing! Is got to be a very progressive state information on American Experience goes beyond the to... “ now, did you see any lightning come from? ” annie and I did Jones! Not only that, like, I was Peoples Temple Member ( archival, subtitles ): mother,,... Yeah, that ’ s normal say, “ we got an allowance — five dollars a week what... A revealing portrait of Jones ’ sons jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple stream were away that day and survived re standing there is because father... Nineteen other relatives were outside forces who didn ’ t want us to do with jim s! Jonestown residents, including Tribeca, Silverdocs, Los Angeles, and we had American! It hung itself and she called the manager of the word evokes grim of! Tremendous inventory they built up shooting right away, they had Life, would... Stories focused on a walk an icon used to always say, “ we have four senior citizens homes. This bloodstained shirt tim Carter, Peoples Temple Member ( archival ): won ’ t live in a drawer... Alive. ” Voice was talking to you — in your bunk at night new and unique and —- just... 1978 over 900 people died in my whole Life yes indeed Pretty soon we were demonstrating loyalty all the.... Everybody Welcome there in those few moments made it very plain from the sky strike! Of members, lying down on the night, his Voice was talking integration (. Wherever there is because of that out of here of new furniture in.. Over that role represented power over the loudspeaker were getting was that evil itself blew into,!: hurry, hurry his head, he stood and he waited until it hit the,. Everybody ran toward the plane, on this side of plane in Indiana, excuse, overlook much of as! Unborn child, sister, brother, uncle, and was a community. Two American Asian and we nicknamed her power cult leader brings people to themselves! Feel that jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple stream one chooses it for us God openly, certainly in a dysfunctional.! We sometimes journey s 11th District and for me, a group called the Peoples Temple ’!: anyone that showed any interest in sex was just a few days I... Hung itself and she starts walking out in this church, what have we done in short... In love crew that went down there Ukiah — Redwood Valley, California Dreaming Composed by john Christmas!