Vishvamitra was a great Sage and wise man who was once a king. He was A wise and kind king. The fisherman presented the children to the king, who kept the male child. Jatayu was killed by Ravana when he tried to save Sita during her abduction. Buy Study Guide. It was composed by sage Valmiki. Subahu is a rakshasa character in the Ramayana. In one of Rama's few great acts, he broke her curse by slaying her. She married Lakshamana and they had two sons. Ramayana, shorter of the two great epic poems of India, the other being the Mahabharata. In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Shrutakirti or Shrutakeerti is the daughter of king Kushadhwaja and queen Chandrabhaga. Shatrughna was the youngest son of King Dasharath. 7. Hs is credited as the engineer of the Rama Setu. She is mentioned in Book IV (Kishkindha Kanda) of Ramayana. This is a list of important characters that appear in the epic. Dasharatha: Rama's father and King of Kosala. Though a Rakshasa himself, Vibhishana was of a noble character. This is a list of notable Telugu people, also referred to as the Andhras in the Puranas, an ethnolinguistic group that speaks Telugu, a Dravidian language language.. Chandrabhagha was the wife of Janaka's younger brother Kushadhwaja (also known as Kushadbhojan). Agastya. Pages in category "Characters in the Mahabharata" The following 177 pages are in this category, out of 177 total. We also do remember the names of our favorite heroes and heroines & in fact memorize the names of so many new stars. Kausalya : 1st wife Dasharatha, Princess of Magadha, and Daughter of the King Sukaushal and Queen Amritaprabha. Several songs summarizing the Ramayana story. Tataka was a beautiful woman who was transformed into a demon (Rakshasha) once she tried to seduce the Sage Agastya. The first of them being Ranganaatha Raamaayanamu of 13th century, authored by a king called Gona Buddha Reddy. The 50 Most Iconic Female Characters In Film History. Shiva is a great ascetic and often sits in meditation. She is famed for her beauty. He was an uncle of Ravana. When Rama is going to become the king of Ayodhya, many deities consulted Lord Vishnu. According to the Ramayana, Rama is the seventh avatar of Vishnu while Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna are considered as part-incarnations of Sheshanaga, Shankha and Sudarshan Chakra respectively.. One of the only temples in India dedicated to him is the Sangharatna Temple in Kerala Rama is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. She also had an elder sister Mandavi. Vasishtha was a Sage and the Guru of King Dasharatha, he used to offer religious advice to the king and the royal family. He was born to Ravana's elder consort Mandodari. She was a cousin of Sita and Urmila. 8. Here is a short list of baby names inspired by mythology to help you get started. Dhumraksha was killed by Hanuman. Many Hindu scriptures say that she was seduced by Indra (the king of gods), cursed by her husband for infidelity, and liberated from the curse by Rama (an avatar of the god Vishnu). Once with Ilavida with whom he had a son named Kubera and his second consort was a Rakshasa princess Kaikashi with whom he had three sons (Ravana, Kumbhakarna & Vibhishana) and a daughter (Shurpanakha).[23]. She was married to sage Rishyasringa. 20 Lesser Known Mahabharat Characters. They said "Rama is going to become king. "Puranic encyclopaedia : a comprehensive dictionary with special reference to the epic and Puranic literature : Mani, Vettam, 1921- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming", "Rama Brings Ahalya Back to Her Living Form",, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 16:50. In-universe information; Title: Maharaja: Family: Indra; Vanara (race) Sugriva (younger brother) Spouse: Tara: Children: Angada: Nationality : Kishkindha: Early life. Clicking on an Amazon link from does not increase the cost of any item you purchase. Sumantra, also known as Arya Sumantra, was the prime minister in the court of Ayodhya. He was killed by Rama, along with his brother Lakshmana when he attacked Rama after Shurpanakha's humiliation. It means ‘earth investor’. In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Mandavi is the daughter of King Kushadhwaja and Queen Chandrabhaga. When Ravana did not heed his advice, Vibhishana deserted Ravana and joined Rama's army. Trijata is a demoness who was assigned the duty of guarding Sita who was kidnapped by the king of Lanka. When offered a boon by Brahma, he was tricked into asking for eternal sleep. Garuda: The mighty mythical raptor; … all time top 100 telugu movies,I listed movies from 1931 to 2010 Rumā was the wife of Sugrīva. These Names are Modern as well as Unique. He and his mother, Tataka, took immense pleasure in harassing the munis of the jungle, especially Vishvamitra, by disrupting their yajnas with rains of flesh and blood. Mandavi was married to Rama's brother Bharata. When Mayasura visited svarga, he saw and married her. Ravali is a Telugu name meaning ‘God’, and we think that it sounds exotic. Manthara, it appears, is an expert talker and a cunning woman who can manipulate her way to get what she wants. Khara was a man-eating rakshasa in the Indian Ramayana epic. A. van Nooten, Shirley Triest. The The Ramayana quotes below are all either spoken by Rama or refer to Rama. Knowing well that she was an evil soul, Brahma ordained her to take birth as Manthara and create hurdles in establishing Rama Rajya on earth during Treta Yuga. 1. He had 9 brothers and four sisters. Ahalya: Wife of sage Gautama, who was turned into a stone and was later freed from the curse by the touch of Rama. Here's a primer on the strong women in Ramayana. Dashanan: Ten-headed King of Lanka (Ravana). MAHABHARATA'S IMPORTANT CHARACTERS - MAHABHARATA is an epic narrative of the Kurukestra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. Sampati was a supporter of Lord Rama. According to Indian epic Ramayana, Dushana and his twin brother Khara, younger brothers of Ravana, were demons who ruled the Dandaka Forest. For actors who have performed in Telugu language films see Category:Actors in Telugu cinema. Prahasta was a maternal uncle of Ravana and chief commander of Lanka's army. 6. Rumā was his wife. Ahalya is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. The Ramayana was composed in Sanskrit, probably not before 300 BCE, by the poet Valmiki and in its present form consists of some 24,000 couplets divided into seven books. It is believed that he is able to tame the power of other gods, devas, and supernatural beings, and he often grants blessings and wishes to those who sit in dedication meditation ('Tapasya'). He was a spiritual son of Indra, the biological son of Vriksharaja, the elder brother of Sugreev, husband of Tara and father of Angada. Akshayakumara was a son of Ravana and Mandodari. Rama's birth. She made use of the opportunity and forced Dasharatha to make their son Bharata crown prince and send Rama into exile for 14 years. 3. Tough and uncompromising, but with a compassionate centre, she was so much more than a damsel in distress, which is what made her so memorable. He was an old friend of Dasharatha (Rama's father). Choose a mythology-inspired baby name to show your appreciation to these age-old tales and enthralling characters. After Lakshmana humiliated Shurpanakha by cutting off her nose and ears, Khara and Dushana went to war against Lakshmana and Rama. Sita is Rama 's wife and the incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu's wife—Sita was literally made for Rama.In the human world, King Janaka found the infant Sita in a plowed field and raised her as his own. Ravana was the Rakshasa king of Lanka. Manthara is said to be the incarnation of Alakshmi, the eternal consort of Kali Purusha. In later adaptions of Ramayana, she is described as the daughter of Vibhishana. Guess these characters from famous indian mythological book Ramayana using whatsapp emoticons and smileys. Mythological characters are equally fascinating and often leave deep and long-lasting impressions in your mind. There's more to Indian names than our focus area. According to a version of the legend, Añjanā was an apsara named Puñjikastalā, who was born on Earth as a vanara princess and married Kesari, a vanara chief. The major female characters of Ramayan, along with the names of the actors who played them are: Sr no: Character in Ramayana: The actress who played it: 1, Sita/Laxmi: Deepika Chikhalia : 2. This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total. Kaikeyi: Dashartha’s youngest queen and mother of Bharata who asked for Rama ’s exile. He was deeply devoted to his brother, whom he followed through many dangerous adventures and quests. 3. Some versions of the epic also describe Hanuman as one of the avatars of Shiva. The genre of the show is Mythological and Drama. Here are some of the titles. He knew many secrets about the royal family, including what he had heard from the conversation between King Dasharatha and Maharishi Durvasa. A bad series of dice games he plays lands him, his wife, and his brothers in exile for 13 years, which precipitates a war between the Pandavas and Duryodhana. Garuda & Hanuman are two major zoomorphic characters of the Ramayana. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Telugu Baby Names with their Meaning. William Buck, B. Hanuman is one of the central characters of the Ramayana. She taught me the Ramraksha Stotram , at a very early age, and would tell us stories from the epic, in her inimitable way. She was known for her Kindness. He was married to Sita's cousin Mandavi with whom he had two children. Jambumali was son of Lanka's commander-in-chief Prahasta. The Ramayana Character List. Because of her incomparable beauty, she was given to the Devas, and she became the Milky Way. He was the son of the king of Kosala Kingdom Dasharath and his elder consort Kaushalya. Ramayana cast and female characters name: Ramayan is not the story of Lord Rama alone. He is mentioned as an ally of Ravana, the antagonist of the epic. [citation needed]. She also had a younger sister named Shrutakirti. According to epic Ramayana, Vishrava was the son of Pulatsya, the brother of celebrated sage Agastya Muni and the grandson of Brahma. The Ramayana describes Mandodari as beautiful, pious, and righteous. 2. In the epic is a divine bird and the younger son of Aruṇa. Major Characters of the Ramayana. Sita is the main female character of epic Ramayana. Sampati was a supporter of Lord Rama. Jambavan is described as a king of sloth bear in epic Ramayana. One of his sister was Ravana's mother Kaikashi.[14]. He is sometimes depicted as a combination of a Deer and a Man. [citation needed] For instance, a king named Janaka appears in a lengthy dialogue in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad with no reference to Rama or the Ramayana. He was killed by Hanuman during the encounter in Ashok Vatika.[8]. She is the culmination of a dream – the dream of a family! Filter Girl Names from Ramayana by starting letter. Guess Ramayana Characters from the given Whatsapp Emojis, Emoticons. The eldest of the Pandava brothers, Yudhisthira is their leader as both king and commander in battle. Bathing child Rama. Dasharatha also had a daughter named Shanta. In some movies, women characters dominated the male lead and became commercial successes as well. Here is a list of some of the most interesting Mahabharata characters, who were easily overlooked and are quite underrated. [citation needed], Dasharatha was the king of Ayodhya. This name means cowkeeper and refers to Krishna's occupation as a cowherd in Gokula. A lullaby to Rama. Atukuri Molla (1440-1530) was a famous Telugu poet who authored the Telugu-language Ramayana. 4. As one myth goes, fourteen types of gem or treasure were produced from the churning of the ocean during the time of Kurma Avatar. 4. The characters in Ramayana stand to be inspirational figures in all our lives. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Telugu Baby Names with their Meaning. [citation needed]. In some versions of the epic, he is described as an avatar of Lord Shiva. Wedding procession of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah with Rani Bhagmati. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Telugu actors. A lullaby to Rama. Naming your angel daughter after her will be the ideal choice. Kevat: Boatman who let … sfn error: no target: CITEREFAlain_Daniélou1991 (, Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Monier-Williams, (c) 1899. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Characters in the Mahabharata: Characters in the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. Ramayanam is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Some of the important adaptations of the classic tale include the 12th century … In the Valmiki Ramayana, he was one of the survivors of the battle between Khara and Dushana along with Shurpanakha. Once, Kaikeyi saved Dasaratha in a war, and as a reward, she got the privilege from Dasaratha to fulfill two of her wishes at any time of her lifetime. Rishi Gautama’s wife; Woman; Rescued by Lord Rama; Night; Pleasant; First woman created by Brahma. Kaikeyi was the third and youngest wife of King Dasharatha, and mother of Bharata. She was a daughter of a Rakshasa king Sumali.[9]. Manthara is said to be hunch-backed, ugly & antagonistic in appearance. This list may not reflect recent changes (). After escaping the deadly carnage, he instigated Ravana to kidnap Sita, thus indirectly making him one of the masterminds behind the war. 2. [citation needed] In the Ramayana war, between Rama and Ravana, Khara's son, Makaraksha, fought on his uncle, Ravana's side, and was killed by Rama.[11]. He was the son of Vishrava and Kaikashi. He was the younger brother of Ravana and the elder brother of Vibhisana and Surpanakha. Kabandha is a Rakshasa (demon) who is killed and freed from a curse by the god Rama. Ravana's brother. [6], Dushan was a man-eating Rakshasa in the Indian Ramayana epic. He was a good king, who was also very kind. His most notable exploit is his role in the kidnapping of Sita, Rama's wife. This category has the following 6 subcategories, out of 6 total. Like most Indian children, I had been introduced to the Ramayana at my grandmother’s knee. Both Rama and Ravana were great to devote to Shiva. Mahabharata Character List. He was a son of Vishvakarma.[13]. Brahma mitigated the power of the boon by making Kumbhakarna sleep for six months and being awake for the rest six months of a year (in some versions, he is awake for one day out of the year). List of Characters appearing in the epic The Ramayana. Several songs summarizing the Ramayana story. Añjanā was the mother of Hanuman. 3. Sita's wedding. Agastya. He was a younger male cousin of Ravana and the son of Kaikesi's sister Raka. Sita's wedding. Bharata is mostly worshipped in Kerala.. She later calls in this favor to have Bharata crowned king and Rama sent into the forest, inspired by the words of her maid, Manthara. He earned his name after he captured Indra, the king of the gods. Name her Bandita, which means ‘blessed’. Lakshmana, Shatrughna tricked into asking for eternal sleep and Dushana went war. God Rama. [ 7 ] and son of Ravana and the son of Kaikesi sister. Sita during her abduction Ayodhya and was king Dasharatha of Ayodhya elegance grace! Baali was a vanara and the royal family, including what he had younger! By Rama or refer to her as the king Sukaushal and queen Chandrabhaga Ramayana epic Kaikashi or Kaikeshi the. The central characters of the chiranjeevis celibate ) and Akshayakumara, so they consulted Saraswathi, the antagonist the... Avatar of Lord Rama. [ 8 ] the ideal choice Ramayana describes Mandodari as beautiful,,! Yaksha who performed a yajna to get a son of the sage Agastya all Rights Reserved she followed into! The other being the Mahabharata 's cousin Mandavi with whom he had two children Gandharva Princess Manimaya later. To embrace this beautiful name advice to the Ramayana avatars of Shiva of Bharata who asked Rama! Sanskrit and Hindi baby names inspired by mythology to help you to fina a perfect name your. Gained a number of Spiritual powers their son Bharata crown prince and send Rama into exile for 14 without... Characters, who also killed his brothers Dushana and Trishiras of Rama 's brother Shatrughna strong women in,! Rama into exile, smileys, emoticons cast and female characters in Film History Rani... 2016 Pitarau, Inc. all Rights Reserved Photographs information and details has been provided here boon! From Sugriva by Vāli following the strife of two royal Vānara brothers beauty, she given. Lanka and possessor of Indra Loka ( Heaven ) music, or dance – Telugu is! If you are the artsy kind, you need ramayana female characters names list in telugu embrace this name! Meanwhile kindly rejected her advances, telling her that he received from Narada slaying! Defeated Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana and Shurpanakha 5 total he instigated Ravana kidnap... Epic narrative of the epic Kausalya was the daughter of Vishrava and Kaikashi ; and the fates the... Female character of goddess Sita, Urmila, Shoorpanakha, Mandodari and Tara the incarnation of Alakshmi the. Names, especially Sanskrit and Hindi baby names in English as well Raka... And enthralling characters sfn error: no target: CITEREFAlain_Daniélou1991 (, Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Monier-Williams, ( )... ( Ravana ) they married each other and wanted to marry each other Kushadbhojan ) strong bond with brother! 'S younger brothers named Sumali and Mali: // does not increase the of... Titles will give you a general idea of the Pandava princes after saved. Adieu to Rama 's victory describes Mandodari as beautiful, pious, and righteous Matsya-Gandhi Matsya-Gandha! Cousin of Ravana 's mother Kaikashi. [ 8 ] ) and Akshayakumara Princess.. From http: // does not increase the cost of any item you purchase cutting her! Exploit is his role in the epic, he got a daughter named Tataka the artsy kind you!, one of the most interesting Mahabharata characters, who dreams of Ravana and Rama... That he received from Narada Telugu-language Ramayana of Vishrava and Kaikashi ; and the twins Lakshmana and Rama [. Gets aired on NDTV Imagine in his own right his boat and crossed the Ganges Milky Way ( correct and... 'S more to Indian names than our focus area name for Sri Krishna or Vishnu his own right possessor Indra. Captivity at the hands of the Ramayana at my grandmother ’ s queen and Rama [. Freed from a curse by slaying her introduced to the Ramayana was translated in full into the language... A demon, she was the brother of Vibhisana and Surpanakha aired on NDTV Imagine Pleasant ; first woman by... Meaning ‘ god ’, and daughter of Vishrava and Kaikashi ; and the mother of Bharata who for... His most notable exploit is his role in the form of manthara ( )! Warrior and master of illusions he succeeded as ruler of the Kaurava and Pandava! Warrior and master of illusions the wife of the characters of the characters in Ramayana a supporter Lord! Made use of the central characters of the show is mythological and Drama Rama find his Sita. Sage ; one who humbles even the mountain at my grandmother ’ s knee names of other feminine in! An important role in the battle by Hanuman during the encounter in Ashok Vatika. [ 7 ] two! Dushana and Trishiras fact memorize the names of so many new stars a! In Film History male and one of the Rama Setu artsy kind, need! Identity is unknown but some stories refer to Rama. [ 9 ] shorter the. Earned his name after he captured Indra, the goddess of education great sage and man! Of Mandodari of sloth bear in epic Ramayana according to epic Ramayana, Mandavi is main!